Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 1126 | Mojonnier, L

In "Biology of the Senses:, we'll explore the biological mechanisms
through which we sense our world.  We will start by examining the
general means by which (1) nervous systems work and (2) sensory
receptors in our bodies convert things in our environment, like
light or sound, into signals within our nervous system.  Then we’ll
delve into the details of the different senses.  These will include
the five “basic” human senses: smell, taste, vision, hearing, and
touch, plus our means of sensing temperature, pain, and the spatial
location and orientation of our body (ex. how do you sense whether
your head is straight up or tilted to the side?).  Throughout the
semester, we’ll also discuss many ways in which other animals sense
the world differently than we do.