Biology | Evolution and Diversity
L111 | 1141 | Hengeveld, S

The course is arranged into four units.  In the first unit focuses
on the theory of evolution and how genetic variation is the key to
the origin of species.  In second unit we explore the evolutionary
history, diversity and characteristics of Domains Bacteria, Archaea,
& Eurkarya.  In the third unit we study how organisms interact with
each other and with their environment. We end the semester with a
discussion of behavioral ecology and conversation biology,
disciplines that utilize every single topic that we cover in this
course. The goal of the course is for you to gain an understanding
of ecology and evolutionary biology.  Societal decisions and actions
affect species, including our own, in terms of species extinction
and conservation efforts.  An understanding of ecological
interactions, genetic variation, natural selection, and evolution
are critical to understanding these phenomena.  Furthermore, it is
hoped that through class discussions, assignments, and exams you
will improve your critical thinking and problem solving skills.