Biology | Evolution and Diversity
L111 | 1154 | Montooth, K

Prerequisites: For biological and other science majors.

Course Description:  This course explores (1) the diversity of
species on our planet, (2) the evolutionary processes that both
generate this species diversity and shape genetic variation within
populations, (3) how these evolutionary processes relate to the
astonishing diversity we observe in organismal behavior, physiology
and ecology, (4) the fit of organisms to their ecologies, and (5)
the interactions between species and with their environment.  The
goal of the course is for students to learn fundamental concepts in
evolution and ecology via organism-level examples of species
adaptations and interactions.  An additional goal is to develop
critical analytical skills via exposure to empirical studies in the
primary scientific literature.

Required text: Sadava et al. Life

Weekly Assignments: Written preparation prior to each discussion
section. Weekly reading assignments from the textbook.

Exams/Papers: In-class exams plus a cumulative final. Weekly
assignments and attendance grade for discussion section."