Biology | Biological Mechanisms
L112 | 1162 | Berndtson, A

Introduction to Biology: Biological Mechanisms.   Amy Berndtson,
instructor.   This course is designed to explore many of the
unifying principles of biology that enable a wide variety of
organisms to maintain homeostasis and reproduce successfully.  Using
traditional lecture format and case-based inquiry, students will
examine a variety of topics including biological molecules, enzyme
activity and regulation, structure and function of membranes,
structure and activity of cellular organelles, mitosis and the cell
cycle, cellular respiration, photosynthesis, classical and molecular
genetics, animal development, human reproduction, and animal
physiology.  Physiological topics will include nutrition and
digestion, circulation, organismal respiration, nervous system and
receptors, endocrinology, and immunology.  Students attend required
weekly learning group sessions designed to enhance understanding of
course content through exploration of cases and activities that
focus on current biological issues and problems facing our
communities, country, and planet.  Learning groups also help prepare
students for three mid semester exams and a final exam.