Biology | Biology of Birds
L376 | 8756 | Liebgold, E

Biology of Birds (L376) is a four-credit lecture/lab/field course
intended for advanced undergraduate biology majors with a serious
interest in learning about birds.  Non-majors or non-undergraduates
may also be welcome but only on a case-by-case basis (contact
instructor: Course content will consist of an
overview of avian biology, including systematics, evolution,
ecology, behavior, physiology, and conservation.  A major objective
will be to develop an appreciation for birds based
on knowledge of their biology and their elemental role in science
and society. Students will indeed learn facts about birds, but the
primary goal will be for students to learn how to think, behave,
read, write, and speak like bird biologists, and, in the process,
expand their ability to think critically and communicate effectively
about birds in particular and biology in general.  A small but
critical point is that field trips are held early on Friday mornings
and attendance is absolutely required.