Biology | Topical Issues in Biology
L410 | 32004 | Schlegel, W

Title:  Integrative Health Sciences
Day:  Wednesday
Time: 9:05 - 11:50 AM
Lecture/Discussion Course

Location:  At this time I would like to see if I could get Morrison
Hall 107
Enrollment:  40 students (max)
Course Pre-requisite:  Junior/Senior class standing and permission
of instructor

Course description:  This course will use patient cases and
simulation technology to engage students in team-based and patient-
centered problem-solving.  Experts from different fields of study,
health care, and industry will help interdisciplinary teams of
students in understanding the roles and competencies of the
different professionals engaged in the many levels of patient care
and the collaborative environment necessary to meet societies
demands for health care today and into the future.