Biology | Med Microbiology Laboratory
M445 | 13461 | Konkol, N

This course focuses on the handling and identification of human
pathogens.  As would technicians in a hospital laboratory, students
will learn to cultivate and identify human pathogens, as well as to
differentiate frank human pathogens from opportunistic pathogens and
normal body flora.  Course content includes strategies for culturing
and identifying pathogens such as microscopy and serology,
diagnostic tests to classify organisms into a major group, and use
of biochemical analyses to confirm specific identities.  In addition
to the overarching goal of learning to identify and safely handle
human pathogens, students will be expected to learn and practice
safe laboratory techniques for handling pathogens, and to develop
and demonstrate critical thinking skills in the process of
identifying unidentified sample cultures.  All lab work will conform
to current biosafety rules.