Biology | Microbial and Molecular Genetics
M480 | 1208 | Brun, Y

This course focuses on the genetics of bacteria and their viruses.
In the first section, students are introduced to prokaryotic
genetics and explore some basic molecular processes, such as
mutation, DNA replication, DNA repair, translation, and
transcription. In the second section, students examine the
mechanisms that prokaryotes use to regulate their genes and exchange
genetic material.  These mechanisms include recombination,
transposition, transformation, and conjugation. In the third
section, students learn about bacterial viruses, their lifecycle and
the process of transduction. Finally, students learn how to use
genetics to analyze biological processes and the use of molecular
techniques such as mapping, cloning and sequencing. In addition,
students read, analyze, and discuss several papers from the primary
literature covering important topics in microbial molecular genetics.