Biology | Biol Sci for Elem Teachers
Q201 | 1212 | Ruesink, A

Course format: Two 75-minutes lecturs and one required lab weekly.
Exams are given during lecture period.

Requirements: Prerequisite: Q200. Is restricted to elementary
education majors.

Course Description: Q201 is an introduction to the basic principles
and practice of biology designed especially for prospective
elementary teachers. All major areas of biology are considered, with
a concluding emphasis upon the relations between various organisms
and their environment.  Students are expected to bring together
their previous experiences with their present lecture/text and hands-
on lab exercises to develop a sound understanding of the way that
the biological world functions. Specific mention is made or
situations they will likely encounter in their future teaching.

Weekly Assignments:  Readings from the text, some website work, pre-
lab readings and written assignments, weekly lab data sheets, and a
three-hour weekly laboratory experience.

Exams/Papers: Three hourly exams covering lecture and lab material,
one major lab report, one major independent project, one major
portfolio project, several quizzes in lecture and in lab, and a
comprehensive final exam.