Biology | Biology of Fishes
Z476 | 8373 | Cotten, C

Requirements: Upperclass standing in Biology or SPEA is recommended.

Course format: Lecture: 10:10A-11:00A, MWF.

Course description: This course is intended for Biology and SPEA
majors, or the equivalent.  Lectures introduce classification,
phylogeny, structure (anatomy), function, ecology, biogeography, and
behavior of extant fishes. Course objectives are to become

	aware of primary sources and of secondary sources of
ichthyological information
	able to recognize members of the major clades of extant
	aware of basic fish structure and function and develop an
understanding of how living in water influences fish structure and
function in general and how particular aquatic habitats promote
particular adaptations
	aware of geographical distributions of extant fishes
	aware of similarities and differences in fish life histories
	aware of interspecific interactions (between/among different
fish species and between/among fishes and non-fishes) and of
intraspecific interactions
	aware of threats to the well being of extant fishes

Weekly assignments: expect weekly written homework assignments, 2-5
pages in length, based on text, on assigned articles from primary
and secondary literature, on individual observations made at local
pet stores and supermarkets, and on library and internet information

Exams/papers: two multiple-choice exams (midterm and final); no term