Criminal Justice-COLL | Techniques for Data Analysis
K300 | 1797 | H. Levesque

K300 is an introductory statistics course for students in the social
sciences, particularly Criminal Justice.  Using examples drawn from
crimology and criminal justice, we cover topics including
descriptive statistics, probability theory, hypothesis testing,
analysis of variance and both bivariate and multivariate
regression.  Emphasis is on understanding the conceptual basis for a
wide variety of commonly used statistical tests.  Basic math and
algebra skills are required.  No textbook is required, however
students will be required to print materials posted to Oncourse.
Grading will be based on 5 exams, weekly homework assignments and
clicker participation points.

Class meeting:  2:30-3:20, Monday and Wednesday, plus one 50-minute
discussion class on Friday, WH 101

Distribution credit: N&M

Instructor:  Helen Levesque, criminal justice department