Criminal Justice-COLL | Law and Social Science
P202 | 10552 | Sales

P202, Law and Social Science—Law is the fundamental fabric that
holds our society together, while behavioral and social science
allow us to study and understand human behavior. This course
introduces students to the structure of American Law, and considers:
(1) its three major components: written law, legal systems, and
legal processes (i.e., law related behaviors of legal and non-legal
actors), (2) the representation of these components within each of
the three branches of government (the Legislative, Executive, and
Judicial), and the ways in which the law’s components interact
within and across branches;  and (3) how behavioral and social
science can provide a more accurate understanding of the law, and be
used to improve it.

Class meeting:  1:25-2:15, Monday and Wednesday, MO 007, plus
discussion section on Friday.

Instructor:  Professor Bruce Sales, criminal justice department