Criminal Justice-COLL | The Nature of Inquiry
P290 | 1826 | Sandys

P290 is an introductory course in research methods.  The course is
designed to introduce you to research design, various research
methods (including experimentation, survey research, and field
research), and basic data analysis.  Particular attention is paid to
the advantages and limitations of different research designs.  In an
attempt to increase the relevance and the likelihood that you will
understand the substance of the course, a hands-on format has been
adopted.  In particular, the lectures will be supplemented with a
series of exercises that require students to develop, administer, and
analyze their own surveys.

Requirements:  Grades will be based on two exams, a series of
exercises, and a final project consisting of the write-up of the
survey project.

Class Meeting:  Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00-2:15 pm

Distribution Credit:  S & H

Instructor:  Professor Marla Sandys, criminal justice department