Criminal Justice-COLL | Criminal Procedure
P371 | 31273 | Morrison

This course offers a broad survey of the limitations placed upon the
government in the investigation and prosecution of criminal
defendants, whether by rule, by statute or by the Constitution, as
seen through the eyes of a former federal prosecutor.  Topics
include traditional areas of arrest, search and seizure, and
interrogation, but also explore new legal challenges created by cell
phones, e-mail, laptop computers and other electronic wonders.  To
drug trafficking, public corruption and white collar crimes add
cyber-fraud and national security.  Criminal procedure is constantly

There will be three, equally-weighted  exams during the semester
with the final counting as the last exam.  These exams will be open
book, open note, and non-cumulative, although building on earlier

Class meeting:  4:00-5:15, Tuesday and Thursday, WY 005

Instructor:  Timothy Morrison, criminal justice department