Criminal Justice-COLL | Adolescents and the Law
P414 | 7797 | Levesque

This course examines the place of adolescents in American law and
policy.  Students explore the foundations of adolescents' rights,
their limits, and their relationship to changing sociocultural
images of adolescents.  The course focuses on the ideological
conflicts between the proper role of adolescents, parents and
communities in ensuring adolescents' rights.  The conflicting
ideologies are addressed specifically from the perspective of
adolescents themselves.

Students who do well in this class (1) will have learned how the
social sciences generally approach the period of adolescence, (2)
will be able to articulate different myths about the period of
adolescence and their influence on the manner society regulates
adolescents, (3) will understand how the legal system regulates
families as well as adolescents, (4) will appreciate the importance
of civil rights in addressing issues relating to criminal justice as
well as broader justice, (5) will understand how to read case law as
well as develop a working knowledge of key legal issues such as the
right to privacy, due process, equal protection, seizure,
punishment, as well as how the legal system generally approaches
constitutional rights.

Class meeting: 11:15-1:45, Tuesday, SY 146

Instructor:  Professor Roger Levesque, criminal justice department