Criminal Justice-COLL | Crime and Madness
P415 | 11969 | Dwyer

Increasingly in the U.S., many of those with serious mental
illnesses end up in the criminal justice system. In this class, we
explore how and why this happens.  To do so, we look first at the
symptoms of and treatments for major mental illnesses.  We next
examine key legal issues, including civil commitment laws,
competency hearings, and the insanity defense.  We read as well
about the ways in which the police, jails, and prisons handle
mentally ill individuals. Finally, we consider a range of programs
intended to improve responses to those designated both “mad”
and “bad.”  The course assumes a knowledge of the criminal justice
system, as well as the ability to read materials from multiple
disciplines, including sociology, criminal justice, and law.

Class meeting: 5:45-8;15, Tuesday

Class carries:  S&H distribution credit, intensive writing credit

Instructor:  Professor Ellen Dwyer, criminal justice department