Criminal Justice-COLL | Police Misconduct
P428 | 13569 | Spano

The purpose of this course is to define police misconduct and to
explain how different aspects of the work environment of the police
can be used to account for police misconduct.

The course objectives include:

1.  To give examples of police misconduct to differentiate it from
other types of police behavior.

2.  To illustrate how police misconduct is an enduring problem
facing police organizations with deep historical roots.

3.  To show how different aspects of the police work environment
(e.g., situational factors, neighborhood level factors) and police
culture make it difficult to control police misconduct.

4.  To assess your oral and written communication skills through
in-class discussion as well as a series of in-class quizzes and
short essays based on the course content listed below.

5. To assess your writing and research skills by completing a
detailed outline and bibliography and a research paper.

Class meeting: 1:00-2:15, Monday and Wednesday

Instructor:  Professor Richard Spano, criminal justice department