Criminal Justice-COLL | Defending the Accused
P493 | 11972 | Sandys

This course focuses on the role of defense attorneys in the American
legal system.   Perhaps more than any other member of the court work
group, defense attorneys are polarizing figures.  On the one hand,
they are seen as the protector of individuals’ rights, as advocates
for the underdog, and as protecting the innocent from the power of
the state.  On the other hand, defense attorneys are seen as lacking
moral scruples, knowingly representing the guilty, and as actors for
the state in encouraging their own clients to plead guilty.  In this
class we examine the basis of those conceptions and how they relate
to the right to counsel.  Generally, we will explore what the right
to counsel means, how it is assigned, and how it is implemented.  To
the extent possible, this class will be conducted as a service-
learning class.  As such, you will work with different types of
defense attorneys – private, public, assigned, and contract – on a
project related to their practice.

Class meeting:  5:45-8:15, Thursday, SY 108