Collins Living Learning Center | The Anatomy of Political Disagreement
L120 | 30551 | Eric French

Why can’t we all get along? “The Anatomy of Political Disagreement”
takes a multidisciplinary approach to answering this perennial
question by looking at the biological, psychological, and political
forces that contribute to discord in a population. In addition to
exploring the many biological and psychological factors that lead to
disagreement among humans in general, we will focus in particular on
identifying the many causes of what seems to be a recent increase in
acrimony in American politics. In doing so, we will analyze various
features of democratic politics and the 21st century media environment
that encourage conflict and vitriolic expressions of disagreement. The
primary goal of this course is to educate students about why
reasonable people sometimes disagree, in the hope that this awareness
may help them navigate the treacherous waters of social discord.