Collins Living Learning Center | The Art of War and Peace in 20th Century America
L210 | 10251 | Natasha Ritsma

Has war impacted the trajectory of 20th-century American art?  Has art
influenced the way people think about war? What kind of art does war
inspire? How is art about war an expression of the culture in which it
was made?  This class will investigate artistic strategies used by
painters, photographers, graphic designers, 3-D artists, comic book
illustrators, graffiti artists and filmmakers focusing on the theme of
war and peace in 20th-century American cultural history. War is part
of the human condition, and has been a major theme in the creation of
visual art for thousands of years.  This class will focus on a variety
of 20th-century American visual artists such as Jackson Pollock, Peter
Saul, the Guerilla Girls, and Shepard Fairey.  Readings will come from
the fields of Art History, Gender Studies, and Cultural Studies. This
class will be part of the Making War, Making Peace Themester.