Collins Living Learning Center | Zombies in Cultural Practice
L210 | 12501 | Rebecca Baumann

There has been an explosion of zombies in film, literature, video
games, and popular culture since the early 2000s, and this trend shows
no sign of abating.  This course will explore and analyze this recent
zombiemania and guide students through a history of zombies as a
culturally meaningful symbol since the first zombie film, White Zombie
(1932).  Zombies aren’t just a hip 2000s trend; they’ve long been used
in popular culture to represent the struggle of the working classes,
race relations, changing gender roles, and our own bodily frailness
and mortality.  This class emphasizes close reading of visual and
written texts, intellectual exploration, creativity, and open-minded
conversation.  We’ll have a great time wallowing in guts, gore and, of
course, “braaaaaaaaains,” but we will also come away from this course
with a new appreciation of how we can read, write about, and
understand a culture—and ourselves—through its popular productions.