Collins Living Learning Center | Anthropology of Mummies
L230 | 30553 | Amanda Rollins

Stuck in an arrested state of decay between the worlds of the living
and the dead, a mummy provides a fascinating glimpse of the past. In
this course, we will explore the study of mummified remains and the
ethics surrounding studies of the deceased. Using case studies of
mummy discoveries worldwide, we will examine the numerous ways in
which mummies were accidentally or intentionally made and for what
political or ideological purposes they were used by the living. We
will explore everything from the medical value of mummy research to
the ways in which mummies are represented in popular culture. This
course is organized around lecture, discussion, written responses, and
student presentation formats. There will also be an optional field
trip to the Children’s Museum in Indy to see the Mummy, Wenuhotep.