Collins Living Learning Center | Why is JD Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye a Great Novel?
L310 | 30554 | Doug Hofstadter

The Catcher in the Rye was a huge success when it appeared in 1951;
soon it became a global icon for adolescent turmoil.  We will read
this classic novel aloud, making frequent pauses to discuss the
colorful language of its narrator (Holden Caulfield), his instinctive
reactions to people, his prejudices, his intensely held values, and
his insecurities and confusions, and we will try to pinpoint why his
grapplings seem so universal.  Why read aloud?  First, because Holden
has an unforgettable way of using words.  Second, because reading
aloud is a subtle art analogous to performance in music.  We will
nurture the art of reading aloud fluently and expressively. Grades
will be determined by class participation, skill and/or progress in
reading aloud, effort in helping others learn to read aloud more
expressively, and a piece of fiction, an autobiographical essay, or a
piece of analysis or commentary 510 pages long.