Communication and Culture | Media Theory (Topic: Cyberpublics)
C410 | 31300 | Gershon, I.

MW, 1:00 PM-2:15 PM, C2 100

Instructor: Ilana Gershon
Office: C2 215
Phone: 856-3728

This course looks at how new media has changed what it means to
speak in public.

Every new medium allows people to address others in new ways, and
often to fashion audiences in new ways.  Traditionally this is
source of wonder and anxiety for Euro-Americans, who often spend a
tremendous amount of time analyzing the communicative politics of
dissemination in their daily lives (for example, asking “what does
it mean that she posted the message on my Facebook wall instead of
sending me a text?”).  In this course, we look at the quotidian
issues surrounding public speech in new media.  How do people
establish appropriate behavior in new media?  How do people respond
to new possibilities for deceptive behavior?  How do ideas of what
counts as public and private change when there are changes in how
communication can circulate?  And, lastly, why do scholars believe
public speech and democracy are so intertwined?