Communication and Culture | Introduction to Performance in Communication and Culture
C502 | 6528 | Goodman, J.

Th, 10:00 AM-12:30 PM, C2 272

Open to Graduates Only!

Instructor: Jane Goodman
Office: C2 227
Phone: 855-3232

This course is a graduate-level introduction to performance-oriented
perspectives on the study of social life. We will explore the
principal conceptions of performance that shape performance studies
in the humanities and social sciences, with attention to their
intellectual history, their descriptive and analytic foci, and their
potential for capturing what interests us in performance.
Specifically, we will consider (1) performance as practice; (2)
performance as performativity; (3) performance as theatricality; (4)
performance as artful communication; and (5) performance as display
event. We will balance our attention between the exploration of
theoretical and analytical perspectives  on the one hand, and
ethnographic, case-study examination of specific performance forms
on the other. In reading the latter, we will pay particular
attention to how scholars represent their own relation to the
material they present to us, and the interaction between observer
and observed as performed by them.

Beyond the overall introduction to conceptions of performance,
specific topics to be explored will likely include reflexivity and
social drama; heteroglossia and intertextuality; audiences and
publics; liveness and mediation; performance and power; and
performing social identities.