Communication and Culture | Seminar in Pedagogy in Communication and Culture (Topic: Instruction in Speech Communication for AIs)
C545 | 1969 | Pezzullo, P.

Tu, 10:00 AM-12:30 PM, C2 272

Open to Graduates Only!

Instructor: Phaedra Pezzullo
Office: C2 241
Phone: 855-2106
Instructor’s Website:

This seminar is unique insofar as it is required for all incoming
students with teaching responsibilities within the department. As
such, it will be limited to CMCL graduate students only and will be
the only class any of you will take that will include all of the
CMCL students accepted in your year (assuming all of you have
teaching responsibilities).

It is likely that everyone taking the course will be teaching C121
Public Speaking; so, there will be a common pedagogical experience
to draw from in discussion. In addition to discussing instructional
exercises, challenges, and practices, we will reflect on how
identities (cultural, economic, geographic, et cetera) of teachers
and students shape our past, present, and potential future
experiences in the classroom. We also will read contemporary
perspectives on the dynamic terrain of institutions of higher
education and of pedagogy more generally to prompt discussion about
some of the broader contexts in which you will be teaching for the
foreseeable future.

More details on the readings and requirements will be forthcoming.
If you have any questions about this course, feel welcome to email
the instructor: