Comparative Literature | Comparative Literary Analysis: Author, Narrator, Character
C205 | 1984 | A. Sokol

3 cr
MWF 11:15 - 12:05
Required for CMLT majors
Fulfills A&H and IW requirements

This course offers an introduction to comparative literary analysis
through close readings of works from various genres (prose, poetry,
and drama), periods, and traditions, with a specific focus on the
relationship between the author, the narrator, and the character. We
will trace the ways in which various voices within a literary work
enhance its communicative and expressive potential. Readings may be
drawn from such authors as Sophocles, Saint John of the Cross,
Pushkin, Pirandello, and Unamuno, among others. Detailed knowledge
of the readings will form part of course evaluation. This course is
required for Comparative Literature majors, but is open to all
students interested in literature. The course fulfills the Intensive
Writing requirement.