Comparative Literature | Studies in Non-Western Film: Masters of Asian Film
C291 | 33699 | K. Tsai

3 cr
TR 4:00-6:30 pm
2nd 8-weeks only
Carries IUB GenEd A&H, IUB GenEd WC, CASE A&H and CASE GCC credit

This course will examine some of the most influential directors from
China, Japan, and Korea. The goals of the course are: (1) learning
the formal vocabulary and methods for analyzing filmic genres from
anime to romance; and (2) examining the cultural and historical
contexts for interpreting the works of these directors, including
Rashomon, Ghost in the Shell, Oldboy, 2046, and Good Men, Good
Women. Students will emerge from the course with a new way to look
at movies, and with an appreciation of the vibrancy and diversity of
Asian cinema.