Comparative Literature | African Lit & Other Arts
C361 | 28843 | A. Adesokan

3 cr
MW 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm
Carries CS & A&H Distribution Credit

In this course we will discuss at length the different traditions of
African literary writings, focusing on the emergence of these genres-
fiction, drama, and poetry-in relation to other art forms. The
course explores the relationships between literature and other arts
in three related ways: first, the development of some of African
literary traditions from oral and visual forms which continue to
survive in media such as cinema, music, cartoon; second, the
autonomous growth of the non-literary media as social forms; and
thirdly their increasing visibility partly as a result of the crises
in literary publishing on the continent. Authors may include King-
Aribisala, Armah, Birago Diop, Fela Kuti, Kouyate, Ngugi, Okot
p'Bitek, Tutuola, NDour, Kidjo and Shapiro.