College of Arts and Sciences | Cultural Representations of the Holocaust
C103 | 28847 | Hawkins, J.

COLL-C 103 28847 Cultural Representations of the Holocaust (Hawkins,
J.: Communication and Culture) (A & H) (3 cr.)

11:15-12:30PM TR
7:15-10:15PM W  Film screening
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During World War II six million Jews lost their lives in a
State-sponsored attempt at genocide.

This attempted genocide-sometimes called The Holocaust, sometimes
called The Shoah-has continued to haunt popular imagination,
influencing contemporary politics, literature, cinema, music,
psychology and philosophy.  In this class we will explore several
cultural representations of The Holocaust.  The issue here is not
which of these representations is the most correct or factually
accurate.  Rather, we will be investigating the way in which art,
philosophy, graphic novels, contemporary Jewish music and literature
have sought to understand or deal with the unimaginable systematic
barbarism of fascism.  Readings will include Hannah Arendt, Eichmann
in Jerusalem, Art Speigelman, Maus, Elie Wiesel Night, Roberto
Innocenti, Rose Blanche (a children's picture book), Will Eisner, The
Plot: the Secret Story of the Protocols of the Elders of  Zion, and
Alvin Rosenfeld, Thinking About the Holocaust After Half a Century.

Films will include: Resnais, Night and Fog, Lanzmann, Shoah, Louis
Malle, Au revoir les enfants and Lacombe Lucien, Polanksi The
Bertolucci The Conformist, Bob Fosse Cabaret,  the made-for-tv film
Uprising, and a docudrama about German resistance, The White Rose.
Music by John Zorn.

Written work will include a short paper, a long final paper, a take
home midterm and a final exam.