College of Arts and Sciences | Zombies and the Cultures of Fear
C103 | 29201 | Comentale, E.

COLL-C 103 29201 Zombies and the Cultures of Fear (Comentale, E.:
English) (A & H) (3 cr.)

9:05-9:55AM MW
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Zombies are everywhere these days, both inside and outside of the
University. Stalking the cultural horizon, they pose-in their image
alone-significant threats to both human identity and human
civilization. They wreak havoc on notions of selfhood and agency,
ideologies of expression, mechanisms of production and consumption,
and boundaries of property and safety, private and public life, death
and non-death. This multidisciplinary course proposes to explore
representations of zombies in the twentieth century and analyze our
culture's increasing fascination with the phenomenon. Students will be
required to develop their skills in close reading and textual analysis
as they explore knowledge and methods from a range of different
disciplines, including literary history, media studies, race studies,
history, anthropology, medicine, and economics. To these ends, the
semester will be organized into five units-zombies and history,
zombies and race, zombies and science, zombies and psychology, zombies
and popular culture-each of which will combine a range of approaches,
genres, and media, to answer, among others, the following questions:

Why do zombies appear at certain historical moments?  What role do
zombies play in Haitian culture and voodoo?  What emotional and
physical effects do zombies produce in their spectators?  How do
zombies reflect social concerns about disease and infection?  In what
ways does zombie culture reflect the terms of popular culture at large?