College of Arts and Sciences | Language and Religion
C103 | 29220 | Obeng, S.

COLL-C 103 29220 Language and Religion (Obeng, S.: Linguistics) (A &
H) (3 cr.)

2:30-3:20PM MW
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The course examines pertinent issues raised about religious language
including:  how ‘strange' and/or different religious discourse is; the
preponderance in religious domains of ‘incomprehensible' genre such as
glossolalia (speaking in tongues) and xenoglossia (speaking a language
one has not studied); the use of religious pronouns us (the saved)
versus them (the unsaved) to signal polarization of in-groups and
out-groups; and the use of religious language to justify norms and
rules that are in opposition to a state's laws. The course examines
the interconnectedness between language, religion, and socio-political
conflicts, especially the language of war, words attributed to God,
prophets, etc., and their social impact. Also examined is how religion
influences language change, translations of sacred texts in various
traditions, and the interconnectedness of religion and
national/official language choice.  The role played by silence in
religious discourse and the overall nature of religious discourse in
the United States and other countries is also examined.