College of Arts and Sciences | Science, Public Policy, and Outreach
C105 | 28850 | Rahman, F.

COLL-C 105 28850 Science, Public Policy, and Outreach (Rahman, F.:
Geography) (N & M) (3 cr.)

2:30-3:45PM TR

This class explores the links among science, media, and public policy.
Policy makers, lobbyists, scientists, and media personnel present
their points of views on the above mentioned issues and discuss the
roles and potentials for scientists in public policy and outreach
processes. Students focus on policy and outreach issues related to
environment and natural resources, and write well organized essays on
those. They also learn how policies are made and how budgets can
influence policy implementation. They investigate the potentials of
incorporating public policy and public outreach in the curricula of
Natural Sciences in U.S. research universities.

In addition, students engage in other relevant class activities to
enrich the learning experience.  They visit a news room (radio, print,
or television) and talk to reporters. They visit the Statehouse to
observe policy making processes and learn to write press releases and
newspaper op-ed articles, conduct interviews, get interviewed, create
a Web page, and set up a science blog.

This course helps students acquire the following skills:

1. An understanding of how policies are made and what role science
plays in it.
2. An educated opinion on what may be the appropriate role of
scientists in policy making, with a goal toward ‘science for social
3. An understanding of the need of incorporating public policy and
outreach in the curriculum of “Natural Sciences' in U.S. research