College of Arts and Sciences | Space and Time
C105 | 28853 | Evans, H.

COLL-C 105 28853 Space and Time (Evans, H.: Physics) (N & M) (3 cr.)

2:30-3:45PM MW

Our understanding of space, time, and motion has, again and again,
formed a pivot point around which human thought has turned. From the
birth of rationalism, to the usurpation of mankind's position at the
center of the universe, to the very idea of perception, changes in our
knowledge of how things move through the physical world have sparked
some of the most fundamental shifts in how society as a whole thinks
about itself.

We explore several of the most important of these shifts, following
the revolutionary ideas of such scientists as Aristotle, Galileo,
Newton, and Einstein.  We emphasize, with minimal use of mathematics,
the development of ideas such as motion laws, force, energy, and
relativity in their historical context as well as showing how they
were verified experimentally.  We also discuss the impact of our
changing views of the physical world on society outside of science.