College of Arts and Sciences | The Science of War and Peace
C105 | 29406 | Reck, C.

COLL-C 105 29406 The Science of War and Peace (Reck, C.: Chemistry) (N
& M) (3 cr.)

2:30-3:45PM TR
Part of Themester 2011:  Making War, Making Peace

Chemical technology influences a society's ability to make war and
maintain peace.  Terrorism has been a familiar tool of political
conflict, and it has assumed greater importance during the past twenty
years.  We will investigate terrorism in various forms, both
biological and chemical, and we will be careful to avoid unnecessary
alarmism in this introduction to these unconventional weapons.
Students will learn about the chemical principles behind chemical
agents, properties such as toxicity, which countries own and use them,
and evaluating the threat that each kind of weapon poses and the
likelihood of its global proliferation.  This course is designed to
provide a cursory background over issues in war, peace, terrorism and
counterterrorism for students from a wide range of disciplines and
interests such as political science, journalism, psychology, health
science, chemistry, biology, physics, etc.