College of Arts and Sciences | Brains and Minds, Robots and Computers
C105 | 29413 | Hullinger, R.

COLL-C 105 29413 Brains and Minds, Robots and Computers (Hullinger,
R.: Cognitive Science) (N & M) (3 cr.)

11:15-12:30PM MW
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This course explores ideas in cognitive science and robotics. The
topics include the philosophical, ethical, and pragmatic aspects of
intelligence and artificial intelligence. Hands-on experience in the
laboratory section allows students to get acquainted with computer
simulations of artificial agents. The course also touches on areas
such as genetic algorithms, perception, categorization, logic,
reasoning, and rationality. We explore computational formalisms such
as Turing machines, neural networks, and rule-based systems to
illustrate possible principles and mechanisms of cognition. These
formalisms are also used to present ideas about model validation and
fitting cognitive models to observed human behaviors.