East Asian Languages and Cultures | Elementary Chinese I
C101 | ALL | Tba

-Sections 9685, 8760, 2113 are for undergraduates only (4 credits)
-Sections 9686, 2119, 8761 are for graduates only (2 credits)

C101 is designed to lay a groundwork for those who are interested in
acquiring a linguistic tool to communicate with Chinese people and
understand their culture. It aims at developing students' overall
competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Chinese with
special emphasis on oral-aural skills for true beginners and on
reading-writing skills for advanced beginning heritage learners. A
learner-centered, task-based, and proficiency-driven approach will
be employed.

This course meets five hours a week: two one-hour interactive
lectures and three one-hour drills conducted in Chinese. Tuesday and
Thursday lectures emphasize the context and usage of key vocabulary
and grammatical patterns.  Monday-Wednesday-Friday drills
consolidate and expand what is covered in the lectures.