East Asian Languages and Cultures | Chinese in Social Science
C567 | 28867 | Liu, J

3 credits
Graduates only
This course meets with EALC-C467, same topic, for undergraduate students.

C567 is designed to complement Anth-E345/EALC C350: China Through
Anthropological Eyes. Flagship students should take both C467 and
E345/C350 to fulfill Flagship requirements; other students are
encouraged (though not required) to do the same.

C567 is designed to help students advance their Chinese language
proficiency from an intermediate-high or advanced-low level to
advanced plus (from ILR 1+ or 2 to 2+).  It aims at developing
studentsí overall competence in listening, speaking, reading, and
writing academic Chinese at the discourse level and covers topics in a
specific humanity domain. This course also fosters self-study skills
and encourages students to access and research topics of their own
interest and become independent learners of Chinese.

The course meets three times per week: two 75-minute classes (Monday
and Wednesday) and a 30-minute one-on-one session (Friday) conducted
entirely in Chinese. In general, Monday classes emphasize intensive
reading, discussion of key issues, and close analysis of text
structure, expressions, and usage of key vocabulary and grammatical
patterns. Wednesday classes underscore extensive reading and listening
skills and include topics of student interest. Friday one-on-one
sessions focus on training advanced speaking and writing skills.

Assignments consist of readings, preview exercises, oral reports,
dictations, writings, recordings, and a term paper.

Prerequisites.  A grade of B or better in Fourth-Year Chinese I and II
or the equivalent, or permission of the instructor.