East Asian Languages and Cultures | Modern East Asian Civilization
E252 | 10617 | Kory, S

This course is intended to provide a general historical and cultural
introduction to modern East Asia. We will examine selected aspects of
each civilizationís march towards modernity, concentrating on
traditional societies just before Western penetration, the impact of
Western imperialism, and some of the particular characteristics of the
nations and peoples that make up present-day East Asia. Approximately
half of the class will be devoted to the diachronic study of roughly
post-1600 CE East Asian history and half to more synchronic
explorations of issues and trends involving contemporary East Asian
societies. The focus will be on significant historical and cultural
developments and trends, not on comprehensive coverage or specifics.
No previous knowledge of East Asia is required and students will not
be expected to work in any language other than English.