East Asian Languages and Cultures | Topics in East Asian Studies: China Through Anthropological Eyes
E350 | 29440 | Friedman, S

Above class open to undergraduates only
Above class meets with ANTH-E 345 on the same topic

This course is an introduction to the anthropology of modern China and
the various cultures subsumed under the name China.  We will look
broadly at how China has been represented by various actors, including
scholars, filmmakers, novelists, and officials.  We will ask how these
portrayals have been influenced by the history of East-West relations
and how they in turn have shaped different understandings of China.
The course will focus on the 20th and 21st centuries, with particular
attention to the socialist era and recent decades.  Course readings
and films will encourage students to think critically about the
categories and assumptions we bring to the study of China.  The course
is appropriate for all levels of undergraduates.  Prior classes in
Chinese studies are helpful but not required.