East Asian Languages and Cultures | Elementary Korean I
K101 | 2199 | Lee, H

This section for graduates only
2 credits
Meets with another section of EALC-K101 (undergraduate section)

Through speaking and listening exercises, this course focuses on the
basic grammatical structure, vocabulary, and expressions of modern
colloquial Korean.  The Korean Hangul writing system will be
introduced, with pronunciation taught at the beginning of the
semester, and simple colloquial expressions later on.  Students will
learn how to express simple ideas such as attributes, identities,
locations, time, daily activities, weekend plans, desires, as well as
how to combine simple ideas in various ways.  Basic skills in reading
and writing will be enhanced as well.

Classroom format and course requirements: There are two lectures and
three drill sessions weekly.  Regular lab practice is required.
English will be used to explain certain grammatical points, but the
rest of the time only Korean will be spoken.  Grades will be
determined by midterm and final examinations, quizzes, assignments,
and class performance. Examinations will have both written and oral parts.