Folklore | Music, War, & Peace
C103 | 29213 | D. McDonald

As part of the College of Arts and Sciences 2011-2012 Themester,
Making War Making Peace, this course is designed to explore the
dynamics of music, social conflict, and conflict resolution. Over
the course of the semester we will investigate the capacities of
music to enact fundamental aspects of identity, self, and other.
From these initial discussions we will then consider a variety of
case studies wherein music was employed as a tool for generating and
sustaining war, violence, and other forms of social conflict.
Following this, we will then survey cross-cultural moments where
music played an essential role in generating and sustaining peace,
conflict resolution, and other humanitarian movements. At the heart
of these discussions, however, will be an investigation into the
role of expressive culture in reflecting, generating, and sustaining
political and other social movements. Our meetings will take many
forms, extending beyond the classroom to include discussions, film
screenings, cultural activities, and performance demonstrations.