Folklore | World Music & Culture
F111 | 3097 | J. León

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities

This course examines a variety of musical traditions from across the
globe. Taught from an ethnomusicological perspective, music is
explored as complex cultural expression, intensely invested with
social, artistic, economic and political meanings. This course seeks
to advance knowledge of not only what happens in musical
performance, but why. More than mere entertainment, or simply notes
on a printed page, music comes alive through an understanding of the
people who create and express it. The same music performed in a
single context can convey varied meanings. Nuanced interpretations
of music often require the investigation of its link to race, gender
and even class. Is music then a universal language?  F111 explores
this pervasive concept.

Through the rich and textured analysis of audio and video
recordings, as well as carefully selected reading materials and
field experiences, students will develop greater understanding of
the role of music in their own lives, as well as the lives
of “others,” both near and far.