Folklore | Ghanaian Music, Drumming, & Dance
F301 | 12208 | B. Woma

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities, Culture Studies List A

Above class requires a $50 instrument rental fee.

Meets with Folk-F609. Meets at 800 N. Indiana Ave.

This course is an introduction to African performing arts. Students
will be introduced to practical African drumming and dancing as well
as learn the performance aspects of these musical genres. The class
material will focus mainly on Ghanaian drumming, gyil (xylophone
music) and some musical traditions of West Africa. With emphasis on
hands-on experience in drumming, singing and dancing, students will
also learn the history and social contexts in which these
performance genres are organized. There will be a short
lecture/discussion at the end of each session on the musical
traditions covered in class. Students will be evaluated on how
actively they participate in class and their understanding of the
performance aspects of the various genres. There will be a
performance at the end of the semester and students are required to
be part of the performance. Previous music and dance experience is
welcome but not required. All materials will be taught orally and
through demonstrations.