Folklore | Cultural Diversity in China
F305 | 13138 | S. Tuohy

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities, Culture Studies List A

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Meets with Folk-F600 and EALC-E350.

This course introduces students to the cultural and human diversity
in contemporary China. We will explore the multiple meanings of
Chineseness and concepts of individual and group identities.
Although the course will focus on modern China, and particularly the
People’s Republic of China, issues will be contextualized in
relation to Chinese history and interactions beyond Chinese borders.
Among the broad questions to be addressed are: What is China? Who
are Chinese? What is Chinese culture? And who says?

Individual class topics will cover diverse forms of diversity and
human affiliations, from ethnic, class, gender, gender,
generational, regional, and linguistic to rural and urban and local
and national. Many class sessions will emphasize artistic and
expressive forms (music, material culture, film, verbal genres, and
tourism) and the roles they play in shaping and representing

Required readings will include a book along with readings available
through e-reserves. Among the graded components will be short
written assignments, quizzes, and exams, along with class
attendance, preparation of readings, and participation.