Folklore | Latinos & Hip Hop Culture
F420 | 12217 | F. Orejuela

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities

Above class meets with LATS-L398, #29809

This course begins to organize and debate Latino participation,
invention, intention, and appropriation of hip hop culture inside
and outside of the United States.

Latino communities in the United States are diverse and it is
important for us to explore the processes through which Latino youth
negotiate origin myths, migration, nationalism, identity,
globalization, imitation, appropriation, and how they use art and
music in their everyday lives to construct their role in this music
scene. We will study the cultural manifestation of hip hop from a
variety of perspectives: African America, the Diaspora, and the
concepts of mestizaje and “triangulation of cultures” that compound
many Latino identities.

The course is limited to 25 students and the format is split between
lecture and round-table discussion of assigned readings.

Most importantly, the course is not about music appreciation; rather
we will investigate the ways Latino youth create art, music and
subcultures of hip hop.