Folklore | History of Folklore Study
F517 | 28911 | G. Schrempp

This will be a course in the intellectual history of the study of
folklore.  The goal will be to contextualize folkloristic concerns
within the major theoretical currents that have shaped the social
sciences and humanities broadly in the nineteenth, twentieth, and
early twenty-first centuries (including social evolutionism,
diffusionism, psychoanalysis, structuralism, formalism, performance
theory, and postmodernism). The readings will be classic works that
reflect such currents.  We will approach the readings both in terms
of the intellectual assumptions belonging to milieux in which they
arose, and with an eye towards determining what aspects of them
might be brought forward and made useful to our present-day

The reading load will be heavy. Students will make at least one oral
presentation on a course reading, and will write two analytical
essays (selected from assigned topics) focusing on course readings.