Folklore | Advanced Fieldwork
F528 | 28912 | C. Henderson

Fulfills core requirement in ethnomusicology. Prerequisite: F523

This course will provide upper level graduate students with further
experience conducting fieldwork, while guiding them through
explorations of some of the under-emphasized components of
ethnography.  In addition to utilizing conventional fieldwork tools
such as audio and video recordings and still photography, students
will explore experimental and experiential approaches to fieldwork.
They will investigate the role of the senses (sight, taste, smell,
sound, touch) in ethnography, as well as reflect on the significance
of movement, gesture, and bodily discourse within research contexts
and within the ethnographer’s physical engagement with his/her
research.  They will also consider how identifiers such as race,
age, and gender influence interactions between researcher and
research participants, and provide or restrict access to cultural
knowledge. The course will link the theoretical aspects of
ethnography with practical assignments that provide students
opportunities to experience different ways of knowing, and to
experiment with different methods for gaining entry to cultural
perspectives. Through collaboration and group critique, the course
will also help students develop skills for synthesizing, analyzing,
and writing up the information collected during these practical
exercises.  The course is designed to assist students in evaluating
their individual strengths and limitations within fieldwork
contexts, with the aim of helping them discover their own style of
ethnography. As students clarify their individual approach to
ethnography, and begin to shape their dissertation topics and
research agendas, they will write a dissertation fieldwork proposal
for possible submission to a granting agency.