Folklore | Musical Creativity in Theory and Practice
L110 | 30550 | A. Guest-Scott

Fulfills COLL Arts & Humanities, Gen Ed

This course asks several broad questions: How can I understand my
own creativity?  How do other people, both those who live in my own
community, as well as those from a diverse array of social and
cultural contexts, think about and practice musical creativity? Are
there universally shared perspectives on and practices of creating
music? What is not shared, and what are the different ways that
creating music can mean something to the people who do it?  We will
explore answers to these broader questions through a cross-cultural
(from Jamaica to Japan) and multi-generic (from Algerian Rai to Hip-
Hop) discussion of particular examples and cases.  Students are
encouraged to share music to which they are already listening as
part of these discussions as well as to consider how the ideas
emanating from our discussions might be usefully applied in their
own fields of study.  We will then join theory and practice, through
a series of assignments, by employing the ideas we discuss in the
process of actually creating music ourselves. No prior musical
training is required to take this class. If you do have prior
musical training, however, please feel free to put it to use (or
utterly ignore it, if you wish).