French and Italian | Theatre et Essai: Le poids de l'existence
F305 | 10650 | Bjornstad, Hall

According to Montaigne, “Philosopher, c’est apprendre à mourir.” In
this course we will study literature that emerges as a response to the
“weight” of existence, be it by making it easier to carry, by
reminding us of the weight from which we are fleeing, or by staging
the encounter between laughter and tears, pleasure and pain, joy and
sadness. We will alternate between reading early modern and
20th-century texts, more precisely essays by Montaigne, Pascal and
Camus, and plays by Molière, Racine, Sartre and Beckett. Course
requirements include short weekly response papers, three 2-page papers
and final portfolio with rewrites of these. The course will be
conducted in French.